The Weekly Reel

          Another week…another Weekly Reel:

The Walking Dead and Dexter

            No films outside the ones I reviewed this week, mostly catching up with season two of The Walking Dead and the newest Dexter season.  The Walking Dead may be handed a great big pile of git after this season, we saw the first three episodes and nothing impressive.  Great emotional stories so far, but Laurie Holden is bugging me like no other with her characters constant whining.  She is seems to always be playing and annoying character lately.  This season of Dexter though I may have to do a full review of.  It is dealing with the subject of faith and I am finding it interesting and dissecting its teachings is so much fun for me.

            We also started watching the television series Lake Monsters, one show down, but it looks to be a winner in my book.  Of course we watched the awesome new South Park episode ripping apart OWS and Obama, classic.

Article of Note

Please Don’t do this film remake, now or ever…

Man who ignores White House holy edict to eat only broccoli and leave of lettuce ignores the lowly losery question

Some in Hollywood finally finding out this guy is actually just a opportunist liar?

This is what its come to, fan…stinkin..tastic!

Racist comic continues pushing claims that have been thoroughly debunked because the agenda is above everything…  

Christmas Comes Early for Brando!

Universal admits they can make some pretty bad movies lately

He ruined my state more than I thought he would…much more…girly man big time, still think his new film could be decent

Those who like this trilogy…what do you think about the remake?

Great list of Pixars best scenes

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