The Weekly Reel

            Another great movie week with a review coming next week for Crazy, Stupid, Love.  If you have any films you would like me to review, please email me at or comment on this post or if you want to recommend any movies, do the same.  Here we go:

Kill the Irishman


            I have yet to see a great movie with Ray Stevenson as the star, which stinks because he seems like he has it in him to be good.  This movie didn’t change my thoughts on him.  The story may be awesome, but the movie does not do it justice.  Half the movie I keep thinking I’m seeing the big guy from Everbody Loves Raymond walking around with a mustache and punching people.  This should have been a good film, but it looks like it didn’t have the budget or the right director to make it one.  Christopher Walkin doesn’t fit and the movie as a whole looks like a lame made for TV movie.  Such a bummer, I really was looking forward to this one.  1 star out of 4

New Girl Rant


            Zooey Deschanel may be a jerk in public and your usual liberal suck up Hollywood type, but danged if I can’t look passed it for her new show because of her adorableness and the three actors that join her being very funny.  They always remind me of me and a couple of buddies that used to hang out a lot, guy jokes, that kind of thing.  Well, anyway, it may not be the most morally astute show out there, but what is in this day and age, but I believe it went over the edge last night.  I know promiscuity is to be encouraged in this world, but when you have a storyline which for half of the show tries to get three characters to have sex with each other maybe that’s too much.  And it’s done in the guise of trying to be funny (which, sadly, it was) by an uncomfortable situation but it continues the trend of just push a little further, do it enough and we can move on to the next thing to desensitize people.  Maybe I don’t want to be watching a show and have my son in the future walk by and ask me what beastiality is or why those three people are kissing each other when all that’s on the TV is the latest sitcom I decided to check out.  Or maybe it’s just a commercial; we’ve already been seeing that change. 

Articles of Note

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