The Weekly Reel

              Another week has gone by and it was a good one for watching films.  Looking forward to posting reviews for both Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and This Means War next week.  Here we go:


            I don’t get paid to do my reviews yet, so thankfully I get to pick and choose those films I will or want to review.  This movie was just awful.  So you get a mini-review.  I was bored throughout and couldn’t get moved by the story or care for any of the characters.  Throughout the movie, if a loved one dies or a friend or whoever, no one seems to be effected by it.  No tears, nothing.  How do you connect with a character that shows no emotion?  I was expecting a freaked out feeling by this movie because that’s what I heard people reacted like with this.  Nope, while showing how the epidemic was spread, nothing scary.  Acting was terrible and story was slow, that’s what you get here.  Oh, and a nice little slam on the blogosphere that continues to hurt the old media thrown in for a nice little unneeded sucker punch. ½ star out of 4

Sliding Doors


            This was the Valentine’s Day movie the gorgeous wife picked out for us to watch.  I rolled my eyes as I finally saw the title of the movie come up on the screen.  For the first time I can remember, I enjoyed a movie on Valentine ’s Day.  It wasn’t a grand movie, but it was at least entertaining and had a good story idea that actually worked on screen.  That screenplay must have been a hard one to write.  Gwyneth Paltrow may not be the nicest person in the world or even one of my favorites, but she does have some acting chops.  The movie though belongs to her co-star John Hannah who plays the nice charming guy with ease.  A decent movie about what might have happened if you didn’t miss that plane or had to go back home for something, how would life have been different?  Husbands, the wives will like this one, if they haven’t already seen it.  2 ½ stars out of 4

Paul Blart: Mall Cop


            Lots of people, especially the elitist critic, hate Kevin James films.  They see it as one of the lowest common denominators for film.  These aren’t made for rewards tough guys; these are made with families in mind.  They are, for the most part, clean from sexual references, have slapstick humor and a positive story of how one should act.  In this case we have a guy who isn’t the hero type standing up when it is time to save people who are in trouble.  No one thinks he is worth anything, except his loving family, and he uses what he knows and overcomes the faults others see in him to be the hero.  My wife likes this movie, so I put it in her Christmas stocking this year.  Families with young kids can pop this in and not worry about the message or a need for the fast forward button or mute button.  Keep it up Kevin James, not only do your movies make lots of money they give families a reason to go to the movies together.  2 ½ stars out of 4

Articles of Note

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Megadeath Frontman Endorses Santorum?  

‘About a Boy’ Director Makes Pro-Illegal Immigration Videos Calling Opponents Racist    

‘Glee’ Serves Up Bible Mockery, Gay Propaganda for Valentine’s Day

“Poet” Maya Angelou calls Obama critics racist, maybe she could write another horrible essay, story or poem to call half of the country racist…

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One Response to The Weekly Reel

  1. JoAnn Sostre says:

    Sat thru Contagion with Dad…..could have been a made for TV movie. I remember really liking Sliding Doors! Now I wanna see Mall Cop.

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