The Weekly Reel

            Not as tough a week as last week, but still not back to normal and if worse comes to worse what’s going on could be the normal.  Regardless God is good and movies were watched.  If you have a movie, practically any movie, you want to know my thoughts on, just hit me up on our Facebook account or in the comments section.  Nothing would please me more than reviewing films to say thank you to those who visit this site.  Here we go:


            Another movie I didn’t feel like doing a full review on because it didn’t seem like a full movie.  It’s the supposedly based on a true story of a hockey player hired because he was a tough fighter and how he handles it.  The highlight is its star, Sean William Scott, whose mother, I am told by my family, visited one of their garage sales and picked up one of his movies on VHS and said her son was in it.  Scott is good; he is funny while also being well with the not too bright nice guy character.  The other good part about this film is the great Liev Schreiber who just brings his awesomeness to the screen yet again.  That’s it though, the story isn’t all that great, the jokes fall flat most of the time when not done by either of the stars and Jay Baruchel (who also wrote the film) does nothing but cuss and make sexual jokes.  Watch it if you’re bored and that’s your only option, other than that, it’s a skip.  1 star out of 4

13 Going on 30


            I’ve always enjoyed this film.  Jennifer Garner seems to be the perfect casting choice to play the girl version of Big.  She is naive and innocent and extremely funny in this role.  The rest of the cast does well and who doesn’t like seeing Andy Serkis pop up in any small roles?  Yeah Mark Ruffalo is in it, but this was before he started running his mouth on stuff he clearly knows nothing about and insulting half the country.  The film also shows me that I picked the wrong career in life…well, if you call your typical desk job that anyone can do a career anyway.  I should have been a magazine editor.  Apparently it is so easy a thirteen year old can do it and even bring the magazine from the brink of having to shut down.  Also, apparently you only have to show up at work a few days during the week.  Good stuff.  3 stars out of 4

Articles of Note

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If it’s going to be anything like when liberals started to wussy it up, the 24 movie delayed again is good news for fans of the early seasons

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