The Weekly Reel

            It was a very busy week for me at work and at home this week so there wasn’t much time for relaxing with movies that I don’t need to review.  Most of the films I reviewed were watched this week and they were both horrible to mediocre.  Next week should be a big one as I hope to review Cabin in the Woods and Lockout.  We’ll see how the ole schedule does with allowing me to see them both.  Here we go:

The Wedding Singer


            When my cousin and I volunteered to work with our churches youth group we would go to the late show with the youth pastor after each weeks meeting.  This was the movie of choice for the group because of our agreed upon love for Happy Gilmore.  It was the three of us and maybe a few other people in the theater and we were the ones that laughed the most and our laughter echoed through the room.  Every eighties reference, especially the clothing, hit us right in the sweet spot and it was a great viewing experience.  One of Sandler’s best and it really did cheer me up a bit after a hard start to my week.  3and ½ stars out of 4

Articles of Note

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‘Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence:  ‘Screw PETA’…AWESOME!

PETA Responds

N.W.A. Biopic?  

New Photos From The Dark Knight Rises

Sin City 2 starts production this summer?

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2 Responses to The Weekly Reel

  1. Kira says:

    Looking forward to your take on “Cabin in the Woods.” Ryan and I caught that one over the weekend.

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