The Weekly Reel

            Another extremely busy week which meant I was not able to go see Lockout as I had hoped and post a review.  That is going to be the goal this week though.  I am hoping to see and review it next week though.  Got to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with the hot wife this week, so that was awesome (Review here).  Here we go:      

Justice League Doom

            A few months back I wrote an article about graphic novels I would like to see turned into one of Bruce Timm’s DC universe films.  They did change a chunk of this one; based on a Justice League book called ‘Tower of Babel’, but it still was a great film.  It starts out a little weak, but as soon as all the heroes’ start getting taken care of one by one in some really greatly edited scenes it starts to take off.  The whole cast of the DC universe animated television series join here with the added Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan.  It may not be a faithful translation of a much beloved graphic novel but it is more Batman: Under the Red Hood and not the deplorable Death of Superman.  Give it a shot if you love this stuff.  3 stars out of 4

Articles of Note

Tom Hardy Compares The Dark Knight Rise’s Bane to the Joker

Bill Murray still a possibility for Ghostbusters 3?  

Sarah Silverman is a disgusting human being

Captain Social Worker:  Director’s Liberal Talking Points Cut from ‘Avengers’  

John Cusack Compares Obama to…Bush!  

DNC Asks Romney to Repudiate Nugent Remarks…while we’re still waiting for them to repudiate remarks by Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, Danny Glover, Matt Damon, Madonna, Oliver Stone, VP Joe Biden, Al Sharpton…

Hey Christians, another reminder that Hollywood hates you  

Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock  

Earth worshipping hypocrite…weird 

“Celebrity” women or just completely psycho!

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